Complex Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Complex Care

Supporting our clients and their families with their care needs, throughout their life
Person centred complex care to help improve independence at every stage. The complex care services we offer are designed to support adults with a range of conditions that can hinder their ability to live an independent life. Our purpose with our complex care is to ensure that our clients receive the care they deserve, in order to live a fulfilling life.
In some cases, our clients are coping with conditions that can affect their mobility, such as a spinal injury or Parkinson’s. As a person-centred company, we focus on what each individual requires from us. We complex assessment to understand our clients’ goals and what kind of care works best for them. Some clients require support with day-to-day tasks, while others need the care for specific tasks that are problematic to them. Our care assistants and nurses are available around the clock to suit your circumstances, and our priority is ensuring our adult complex care services help our clients gain as much independence as possible and improve their emotional and physical well-being. We will always tailor our adult complex care services to suit your individual needs.

In order to deliver the very best adult complex care services as possible, we operate a collaborative approach. We work together with other essential organisations and groups to ensure our clients receive the best services, and that their families also receive the support they need. We understand how difficult it can be to see your family members struggle, whether that’s physically, mentally or both, and we strive to build a positive partnership. Our healthcare professionals will talk you through each stage, ensuring you understand the services we will provide to your family member, & what you can expect from us.

Dedicated and invested in improving your life
Hand-picked staff that genuinely care about making your life better. We carefully select the staff providing care to our clients, and you can be assured that the healthcare professionals taking care of you are focused on your needs, and ensuring you receive top level care. Our staff are not just counting the time down until they finish, they are genuinely invested in improving the life of our client’s and making life easier for family members too. We know that when you need adult care, you can often feel like you are a burden, and you may feel that your independence is extremely compromised. These feelings are common and understandable. It is our job to ensure our you live as independently as possible, while also getting the best possible care for their needs.
Care in the comfort of your home
HOME Your comfort is our priority. The prospect of receiving adult complex care can be daunting, and the thought of receiving this care in an unfamiliar setting can make it even more upsetting. When you use our adult complex care services at Harmony Healthcare, you can receive your care in a familiar setting and where better than in the comfort of your own home. Receiving your care at home allows you to not only enjoy the comfort of a familiar setting, potentially with your loved one close-by. It also means you can receive your nurse-led care without a huge burden on your daily routine. Our clients have different needs, and some only require the adult complex care for an hour or so each day. By having this at your home, you can still continue with your everyday tasks and attend work if required. We don’t want to disturb your routine. If anything, we want to make sure your routine is not disturbed and you can live the same life as you’re used to, without affecting your independence.
These are some of the services you can expect to receive by using our paediatric complex care
Respiratory Support

We understand how distressing it can be to have breathing issues, or to see your loved one suffer in this way. Our paediatric complex care includes respiratory support, such as the delivery of oxygen, tracheostomy management and invasive machine ventilation. Our main objective when administering respiratory support is to ensure that our clients are comfortable and to make the process as simple and painfree as possible. We will carefully consider your needs when providing respiratory support and ensure that we deliver it in a way that is most suitable. We know that everyone is different, and we always tailor the way we approach our services with due care and attention. Your comfort and welfare is our priority.

Toilet Support

We provide catheter and stoma care, and always ensure we treat our clients with the upmost respect. We know how intimidating it can be to get this type of help and our healthcare providers will ensure you are treated with dignity at all times.

Learning disability support

Providing round-the-clock support for learning disabilities, such as autism, as required to ensure the service users leads a fulfilling and independent life.

What to Expect from Adult Complex Care
Adult complex care or nurse-led care as it is often known as is at the heart of Harmony Healthcare. When you use our adult complex care services, you will be assigned to a registered nurse, with extensive experience in providing complex care.
Our bespoke care services can be delivered in the comfort of yoThe registered nurse will understand your needs and the type of care you require. They will carry out this care at a time to suit you and will focus on providing the care sensitively, and while taking your family into consideration too. Your care needs may change as time goes on. For instance, we have client’s suffering from arthritis (link to arthritis) that don’t require our complex care services regularly, but only when they’re finding day to day activities particularly challenging. Thankfully, we also have client’s that recover from illnesses, such as cancer, and only require our complex care for the duration of their treatment. Whatever your needs may be, whether short-term or long-term, our nurses will be happy to provide this. We genuinely care about you and your family and making your life easier is the focus of any treatment. We also listen to your needs, as well as that of your family and we will never provide any services that you are uncomfortable with. ur home, and we always keep your needs and lifestyle at the forefront of everything we do.
We always treat clients and families with the upmost respect and everything we do is one with love and care. Our aim is to ensure that the paediatric care we provide allows our clients to lead an independent and fulfilling life, regardless of their condition.
Meeting your Expectations
The first step for the registered nurse will be to understand your clinical care needs, and to agree on your expectations. There will be a risk assessment undertaken as standard and a plan created to determining the support you require, and the timeframes etc. The healthcare professional will then provide the necessary support in the comfort of your home. We will constantly assess the care to ensure you are happy with it, and that it is providing the benefits you need. For example, our clients with Parkinson’s usually need long-term support to manage their pain and symptoms. As a progressive illness, this can change over weeks or months, and it is important that we reassess the complex care provided at regular intervals to ensure we are still offering enough to improve the client’s life. Our clients never fail to amaze us on what they can achieve and their dedication to improving their life. Most have a strong focus on being able to live an independent life and still do the activities they enjoy. Our care plan is designed to meet your needs and ensure you are able to get as much as possible out of your life. We also work together with other healthcare professional to deliver our care services, such as speech therapists and mental health therapists.
We also provide support to family members, ensuring they understand the adult complex care services we are offering and why. We want to offer reassurance that their loved one is taken care of and that we are providing care based on their expectations. It is important to us that that we speak to families every step of the way and reassure them about the care services we are offering. We have healthcare professionals in the local area to you, and this enables us to deliver our service 24 hours a day, even to cater for your urgent needs.

Complex care faq’s

What is complex care and who does it apply to?

Complex care is for people who have complex medical conditions, such as motor neurone disease or muscular dystrophy and need nursing Homecare, rather than being in a hospital setting.

What can I expect from complex care?
The nurse-led complex care will be tailored to suit your needs, and that of your condition. Our nurses and carers are experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of conditions and will carry out a thorough assessment to determine exactly what you need, before devising the care plan. You can expect the complex care plan to suit your needs, even if these are ever changing. As part of the complex care package, you might receive support with administering medication, companionship, safe mobility at home, meal preparation and cooking, and many others. These can be adapted or eliminated/added to suit the changing needs from your condition. For instance, as conditions like motor neurone disease progress, you may require additional support that might not have been necessary at the start. With many progressive conditions, the symptoms worsen, and additional care services are often required.
How are complex care services provided?
We can provide the complex care services to suit your needs. We can offer an hourly service every day or several times a week, depending on what works best for you. We also offer short term care, and overnight care. No matter what your needs are, contact us and we will discuss the options, and in most cases, our carers will be able to accommodate you. Our carers work on a flexible basis, which involves being available around the clock.
Will I receive the same carer each time?
We will do our best to ensure you receive the same carer. This is easier when you have consistent care services. However, we will ensure you receive the same team of carers, if you need a range of times covered. We will also team you up with carers that are best suited to you. For instance, those that share some of your interests.