Respite Homecare Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Respite Homecare

Providing respite Homecare for your family whenever you need it
Your health and wellbeing is important to us and we also aim to look after and support your family, whenever they need, which is why we always try to be as flexible as possible with the respite services we provide. We ensure that your family can receive a much-needed break whenever they need it, so they can rest and recuperate.
Life can be unpredictable, and your family member might not always be able to provide the support you need, this may even happen at the last minute, leaving you with the need for emergency care You can have complete peace of mind that no matter what your respite needs are, we will always be on hand to help. Giving your family the much-needed break, they need, whenever they need it.
Our respite care packages can be tailored to suit your needs, no matter what they may be. We will ensure you always feel comfortable with the carers we provide for your respite care, whether night, day or overnight care. Our carers are trained, experienced and knowledgeable in providing respite care, and they will always keep your family updated, where necessary.
Why you might need respite care services
There are many reasons why you may require our respite care services, and we are there to support a range of needs. Our carers are on hand to help provide support for families in need of respite care.
These are some of the main reasons you might feel that respite care is required

By using our respite care services, your family member can get some much-needed relaxation away from their care duties, that may include taking a leisurely walk, going to the gym or even visiting a spa. This is important as it helps them to get a break, and it can improve their mood, and reduce heart rate.

Increase Energy Levels

Taking care of someone can be challenging, particularly if they are dealing with complex needs. With some respite care, your loved one will be able to relax and this can increase their energy levels, so they are there to support you when you need it.

Enhance Relationship

Everyone needs a break, no matter how much you love someone, you can’t be with them all the time. It is particularly challenging when complex needs are involved and the person being cared for often feels that they are being a burden on their family member. With our respite care services, you can enhance your relationship with the person providing care services.

Sense of Self

It can be easy to lose sight of yourself, especially when you are providing care around the clock to someone. With the respite care, it can give the caregiver a sense of purpose, and prevent them from losing who they are. This is important for anyone providing a care service to a loved one.

Social Break

Caregivers often feel that they don’t get time to socialise, and this is important for anyone. With respite care, the caregivers have the time to visit friends and family and enjoy any other social activities.

What to expect from respite Homecare
You may be wondering what respite Homecare actually involves. What can the caregiver do for you, and will it be the same as what your loved one provides. These are just some of the care services we provide during respite care.
Medical Appointments

You may need to attend a medical appointment urgently, and if your loved one is taking time to themselves, you may be worried if you will get this service delivered. Our carers will be able to transport you to medical appointments, while also providing emotional support when it is needed.

Bathroom Assistance

It can be difficult to feel relaxed at home when you need bathroom assistance. With the help of our carers, you will always have someone on hand to help, should you need bathroom assistance.

Medication Supplies

If you need medication and are worried about supplies running out, you need not worry, as our carers will be able to provide medical supplies when you need them.

Mobility Support

With our respite care, the carers can also provide mobility support, as and when you need it. If you are looking for help with your mobility and you want to engage in respite care, simply contact us and we will be happy to provide a tailored care plan for you.
With your respite care, we will always ensure that you are teamed up with someone that is right for you. We take into account the activities you enjoy and your general interest, this allows us to make the perfect match.

The benefits of respite Homecare

When it comes to receive respite services, you have the option of receiving these at home, in a hospital or in a care home. These are some reasons why you may want to choose Homecare for your respite, rather than another setting, such as a hospital or residential care

Case study respite Homecare
Adam suffers from motor neurone disease and his aunt provides 24/7 care for him. His aunt, Linda, is keen to get a break and called us to discuss potential respite care at home.
We visited their home and discussed the options, including what level of respite care they needed, and what their expectations/goals were. We then assigned them with a carer who shared similar interests to Adam and since then, they have used us frequently, when Linda needs a break. We have kept the same carer for Adam, since they had built a good relationship.