Convalescent Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Convalescent Care

Providing convalescent care services whenever you need them
At Harmony Healthcare, we can provide you with convalescent care, which is care we offer to individuals that are in a recovery period from an illness, or recovering from an injury or operation. This care is outcome based, whereby, we want the individual to be able to live independently after the initial period of support is offered.

We can provide convalescent care straight in the comfort of your own home, until they are able to cope with being on their own, without the support. Our carers can provide the convalescent care at agreed times, based on your needs and that of your condition. This can be changed and adapted depending on how quick your recovery period is. We will carry out a consultation and assessment before we agree on the level of care required. A plan will be put into place to cater for your needs, and can be adjusted whenever required.
Who can benefit from convalescent care?

The clients that benefit from convalescent are those that are in recovery from an injury or illness. It could be that someone has been in a car accident, and has mobility issues as a consequence, which affects them from being able to carry out the same activities as they could before the accident. As they are in recovery, the carer can help with their mobility, as well as other tasks, such as meal preparation etc. They will also receive support to transition from convalescent care back to independent living.

Some examples of people that can benefit from convalescent care include:

  • Someone who has suffered from a stroke
  • Leaving hospital following an accident, such as a fall
  • Recovering from surgery.
What is included in convalescent care?

The convalescent care package will depend on your needs, but it can include such activities as:

  • Preparation and delivery of healthy, nutritious meals
  • Companionship, including emotional support
  • Administration of medicine
  • Toilet and feeding support
Benefits of convalescent care

Convalescent care at home has a number on benefits and the care services we provide are tailored just for you.

What you expect from our convalescent care services
Our commitment to you. We care about our clients, and we aim to provide convalescent care services to suit your needs, no matter what they may be. Our carers are passionate about helping support you with your convalescent care needs, whether for a period of recover or for any other reason, which is why we are focused on offering a flexible approach with the short term care services we offer. Our mission is to help ensure our clients live a better, safer and more fulfilling life while retaining as much independence as possible. We know that by providing convalescent care in the comfort of your own home you will not only feel more comfortable, but it will also often help with your recovery.