Cancer Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022


With our cancer Homecare services, we will ensure you receive the care you need

Cancer affects everyone differently, and it is important that the treatment offered is tailored to suit the individual. With our cancer Homecare services, we will ensure you receive the care you need, when you need it. It is important that you are also able to live as independently as possible though, and for most cancer sufferers, this is entirely possible. Use your care team as and when you need it, make sure you have a support network around you and be aware of your symptoms. For instance, if you need rest, don’t over-exert yourself. Learning to know how to deal with your symptoms can enable you to live independently.

Helping our clients deal with cancer in the comfort of their home
We aim to support you to live with cancer, while remaining independent. There are many different types of cancer and they affect people in different ways. Cancer is caused when cells don’t die as they should, but new cells are replicated and normal cells become crowded out. Your body then struggles to cope and this can cause a number of side effects. Cancer can often be successfully treated, but for some, it can be fatal. Most people who develop cancer will survive and go on to live a normal, independent life.
Types of cancer
There are many different types of cancer as it can occur on any part of the body. These are some of the main types of cancer.
Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common faced by women and the leading cause of death in women. Breast cancer is most commonly signified by a lump on the breast, and by this point it is already quite developed. It can occur in both men and women, but it is most common in women. It is important to deal with the signs of breast cancer quickly, as if not, it could spread to other areas of the body, becoming more serious. If dealt with quickly, breast cancer can usually be treated without any issues. If the cancer has spread, the sufferer may experience other symptoms, including unexplained weight loss and severe tiredness.

Skin Cancer

When abnormal cells become out of control in the epidermis, it can lead to skin cancer. The main causes of skin cancer are spending too much time in the sun, or sitting in the sun when it is at its strongest. Tanning beds can also damage the skin and cause the damage to the outer skin layer. If it is dealt with early, skin damage will usually not be problematic, but if not, the cancer could spread to other parts of the body. Some signs of skin cancer include a mole that changes shape or colour, sore lesions on the skin or any other abnormality.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is another of the most popular types of cancer, and this is one of the most serious types. It can be symptomless at the start, but those who suffer from lung cancer will often end up with a cough, sometimes coughing up blood, as well as extreme tiredness. It is most common amongst smokers but it can also affect non-smokers.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men and as it develops slowly, it may not be diagnosed until it’s at a later stage. Some of the typical symptoms of prostate cancer are, an increase in a need to urinate, as well as pressure on the bladder. Some of the triggers of prostate cancer include, a high body mass index, smoking, lack or low physical exercise, high calcium and family history.

A cancer diagnosis can be surprising and difficult to comprehend, and at home support may be needed, depending on the severity of your cancer symptoms. We provide care services at home for cancer patients, including respite care to give family carers a much-needed break when required. We understand the importance of receiving your cancer care at home, in an environment you are comfortable with, and we aim to help ensure you live as independently as possible.

Our cancer care services for our clients
At Harmony Healthcare, our approach to your cancer care is to get to know your needs, or those of your family member suffering from cancer. We will design a cancer care package that is completely tailored to suit your needs and general activities, ensuring we offer you the care solutions you need, while also ensuring you have a high degree of independence at the same time. Our care services are not designed to be obstructive or to take over your life, they will always fit into your life, so that you are able to continue to enjoy the life you want and love.

Our carers receive the highest form of nurse-led clinical training to ensure they can provide a quality care service to cancer patients. Working alongside other local authorities, they deliver a service in the comfort of the individual’s home, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. They will also provide support and advice to families dealing with cancer, helping to comfort them where required. Some of the services our carers provide at Harmony Healthcare, include:

Administering medication

Our carers can administer the medication you need in the comfort of your home. They will ensure you receive the right level of medication at the right time to help ensure your optimum health and wellbeing.

Medical support

Our carers are able to provide some medical support as required, such as catheter care.

Personal care

In some cases, personal care may be required. The carers will ensure they provide this in a caring, sensitive and empathetic way.

Mobility support

If you need help around the house with your mobility, our carers can offer this too, ensuring you stay safe at all times.


If you require some help with your shopping, or you need someone to do this for you, our carers can also provide this, including collecting your prescriptions and shopping.

General Housekeeping

Our carers will also prepare meals and carry out regular housekeeping around the home, including dishes, preparing meals and laundry.

Emotional Support

Dealing with cancer can be distressing, and you may feel that you have no one to talk to or to turn to for support. Sometimes it is better to speak to someone who is impartial, and our carers are happy to offer that emotional support you need too.

Flexible cancer care support at your home
We aim to ensure that the cancer care support we provide is as flexible as possible, to suit your needs. We know that everyone is different and this means the needs are different, and we also know that the needs can change, depending on the development of the condition. We can provide hourly care for those clients that are looking for support with day to day living at specific times throughout the day. The carer can pop in for an hour during the day, or alternatively, they can arrange a visit several times during the day. It completely depends on your needs and we will be happy to tailor our care plan to suit these.
We understand that for some clients, during the night can be the most challenging time. It is often the time when you feel most vulnerable, and perhaps even worried and scared. As part of our flexible care services, we can also offer overnight care, which means that a carer will stay with you throughout the night to provide both support for your emotional needs, as well as support with your physical needs. For instance, if you need someone to help you get to the toilet during the night. We will always try to maintain the same carer, or small team of carers, so that you become familiar with them. You will soon start to value the carers as friends, and you will build strong relationships with them. Our carers are highly skilled and trained, but they are also down to earth individuals who genuinely care about the clients they are looking after. They are there to support you, and will do everything possible to ensure your comfort and independence. We would hope that you would always be happy with the carer we provide. However, if this is not the case, we would always be willing to make a change to suit your needs. Your comfort and happiness is our priority.
We know that in some cases emergency Homecare  might be necessary. For instance, if you usually have a family member looking after you, and they take sick, and you need someone to take over the responsibilities, we can provide emergency care whenever this is required.
As conditions evolve, you might need Homecare services to suit your needs at any given time and we can also provide short term care when you need it. For instance, if you need some Homecare services while you undergo chemotherapy treatment, we would be happy to provide this for you. Our short term care services can be completely adapted to suit your needs.
Transitional care known as convalescent care can help you transition from a particularly difficult period in your life, such as after suffering from a stroke. With our care services, we will get you back on track and as healthy as possible, as quickly as possible!
Our care services are designed to suit your needs, whatever they may be and we will always work around your circumstances. We are happy to adapt at the last minute to your changing needs, including if you need emergency care or respite care. Our carers work around the clock to be able to accommodate your needs.