Spinal Injury Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Spinal injuries

What is Spinal injuries
Spinal injuries can have a major effect on a person’s life, and the injury can often come out of nowhere. The cause of spinal injuries is most commonly the consequence of a car accident or fall, but it can also be the consequence of a disease, such as spina bifida. Damage to the spinal cord can cause variable problems. In some cases, the spinal cord injury may lead to complete paralysis. Some may be unable to use their wrist or hand properly. There are other conditions caused by spinal injuries, including a loss of sensation and issues with the bowel and bladder. Chronic pain is also one of the conditions caused by a spinal injury. It is possible for some people with spinal injuries to lose functions and then regain them after some time. It is possible for all functions to return to normal. Some people with severe spinal injuries will need to use a wheelchair, although this may only be necessary after prolonged standing. The level of mobility will depend on the extent of the injury, every injury is different.
When a person suffers a spinal injury, they usually need to stay in hospital for a period of time, in order to recover. The progress can be slow, as it takes time for the individual to come to terms with the injury and then begin to start the process of rehabilitation. Following the period in hospital, the individual would need a personal care plan to follow, this would include working with a carer, who will support them with day to day activities, and help their progress.
At Harmony Healthcare, we work with our clients who have spinal injuries, and help them to deal with day to day activities, so they can return to a normal life, including working. With the right level of support in place, sufferers of spinal injuries can lead a fulfilling life, and this is what we aim to do with our personalised care plan.
Our personalised care for spinal injuries
We provide a personalised care plan for our clients who are suffering from spinal injuries. The purpose at all times for our personalised care is that you are able to live a fulfilling life and remaining in the comfort of your own home. We understand the importance of being at home to enhance your progress and to ensure that you feel content and comfortable. It is important to us that you continue to enjoy your life, in the same way as you always have, this is our priority. Our carers do not simply create a care plan and do everything for you, they will actively encourage you to reach your potential and do what you can, stepping in where necessary to take care of the activities that are too difficult for you. Over and above this, they will also encourage you to start new hobbies and take on different activities, to further enhance your recovery. We also work with other organisations to ensure we are providing the level of care you need, such as the NHS and other local authorities. Continuity of care is our priority and changing the level of care we provide, as and when required. For instance, we would be informed by the NHS of your level of progress and abilities. If you are regaining some functions that you lost, we will adapt your level of care accordingly.
Some of the services we can provide to our clients suffering from spinal injuries includes, assisting with mobility where required. It may be that you need short term care for a set period of time when family are unable to assist or you may need overnight care and our carers will be on hand to help. They can provide the backup you need for your mobility, no matter what level of support you require.
In many cases, bowel and bladder functions can be lost due to a spinal injury, but quite often, this is only a temporary issue. Our carers can help support you with bowel and bladder management. If you are using a stoma or any other means of bowel and bladder management, our carers will be on hand to offer help and support whenever it is required. Our carers are experienced in bowel and bladder management and will always deal with this with complete sensitivity.
It may be that medications are required to be administered, and in which case, our carers will provide this service to you too, ensuring you or your loved one is getting the level of medications they require. Nurses will always administer medications and provide training to carers on ensuring the right levels are offered to clients.
Some sufferers of spinal injuries also end up with respiratory problems, and may need support with this through home ventilation. Pain management is often required for the pain caused by the spinal injury and our carers can administer this for you or your loved one suffering from the spinal injury. There are other issues that can be faced by someone with this injury, depending on the severity, and our carers are able to deal with feeding and continence care too. We will always deal with our client’s with complete sensitivity and compassion. We will never make our clients feel anything but respected and we will do everything to ensure they still maintain independence. If there are any aspects we can advise on to help improve their lives, such as using equipment to help with mobility, our carers will also provide this.
Choosing your level of care

There are different ways you or your loved one can receive care, and we offer completely flexibility to meet your needs. If complex care is needed, the visits may be more frequent, and daily or even hourly care may be provided to suit. Although it is entirely possible to live an independent life on your own while suffering from a spinal injury, this isn’t always possible, and as such we can provide live-in care if needed. Other levels of care we provide are respite care, where our carers will take over for a period of time to allow families to get a bit of a break. We are completely flexible with the level of service you needed for spinal injury care, and can also offer overnight care and emergency care to suit your circumstances. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail and we will be more than happy to provide you with a complete care plan that is tailored to your needs.

What next?

If you are looking for support for yourself or for a loved one who has a spinal injury, get in touch with us to discuss the next steps. We will assess the situation, and advise on the most suitable care plan, which will be completed tailored to suit. We will ensure the carer is right for the individual, and you can choose your own carer to suit your needs. We are completely flexible in the level of care you require, and the type of carer that is most suitable. You are in the driving seat, we will advise, but you can make the final decisions.
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Case study for adult with spinal injury
Mike was in a car accident aged 22, he is now 33 and confined to a wheelchair. He is limited in what he can do and his family care for him. Mike is keen to improve his independence, instead of leaning on his family all the time. The family have phoned us and asked about getting a carer. The first step our carer’s take it is to assess his situation and what helped will be required. His family has decided that they need a flexible approach, with an hour or two a day to take Mike to the shops, or to other activities he enjoys, as well as administering any medicines required, and helping with personal care. This makes Mike feel less dependent on his family, which reduces a lot of guilt and helplessness he feels.