Paediatric Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Paediatric Care

Supporting the transition from childhood to adulthood through paedriatric care
Person centred complex care to help improve independence at every stage. At Harmony Healthcare, we offer a trusted paediatric care service, supporting those that need it most, with compassionate care in the most comfortable place possible – in their own home Our paediatric services are tailored to suit the individual, from babies that need support, to adolescents. Our trained and professional paediatricians will prescribe and administer the necessary medications to individuals, and treat both acute and chronic diseases, with the main aim of ensuring they live a fulfilling life. There are many different types of conditions that children can suffer from, and with our care and support, they can live a high quality and independent life.
Understanding paedriatric care
Paediatric care is for young people under 18 years, including babies, although in some cases it may continue for longer, depending on the nature of the condition. It is a holistic approach that involves administering appropriate medicine for treating a condition or to prevent disease, such as vaccinations. With paediatric care, the paediatrician will ensure the child is developing as they should and to treat any health issues, whether minor or serious. With paediatric care, the paediatrician will ensure the patient understands how to look after themselves in terms of their personal hygiene and diet, and also furnish parents and guardians with information on looking after the child or young adult and managing any illnesses.
What we offer through our paediatric care services
We offer nurse-led paediatric care directly to your home. We understand that young people prefer to be in their own setting as it is more comfortable for them, and our nurses will provide paediatric care to suit your circumstances. We take time to understand the need of our clients, and to ensure we are delivering exactly what you require from us. In some cases, our clients need us to issue medication and others, need advice on how to manage an illness appropriately. An assessment will take place in the first instance for the paediatric care, and this will endeavour to understand the needs of you or your child and find the best possible solution.
These are some of the services you can expect to receive by using our paediatric complex care
Respiratory Support

We understand how distressing it can be to have breathing issues, or to see your loved one suffer in this way. Our paediatric complex care includes respiratory support, such as the delivery of oxygen, tracheostomy management and invasive machine ventilation. Our main objective when administering respiratory support is to ensure that our clients are comfortable and to make the process as simple and painfree as possible. We will carefully consider your needs when providing respiratory support and ensure that we deliver it in a way that is most suitable. We know that everyone is different, and we always tailor the way we approach our services with due care and attention. Your comfort and welfare is our priority.

Toilet Support

We provide catheter and stoma care, and always ensure we treat our clients with the upmost respect. We know how intimidating it can be to get this type of help and our healthcare providers will ensure you are treated with dignity at all times.

Learning disability support

Providing round-the-clock support for learning disabilities, such as autism, as required to ensure the service users leads a fulfilling and independent life.

Working together to provide a bespoke service in the comfort of your home
We have built a relationship with a range of organisations to provide paediatric care services, including the NHS, local authorities and private companies to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. Our paediatric services are completely tailored to suit your needs, and to ensure you get the most out of your journey with us.
Our bespoke care services can be delivered in the comfort of your home, and we always keep your needs and lifestyle at the forefront of everything we do. We always treat clients and families with the upmost respect and everything we do is one with love and care. Our aim is to ensure that the paediatric care we provide allows our clients to lead an independent and fulfilling life, regardless of their condition.
You may require permanent paediatric care or only on a temporary basis, and we can cater for your different needs. We will assign you with the most appropriate nursing carer to suit your needs, whenever you require it. We provide the best complex care at home.
Choose your own caring team
When you use our paediatric services, you can expect to receive an outstanding quality of care for you or your loved one. Our staff are trained and qualified, and having a caring, can-do attitude is paramount for anyone we recruit at Harmony Healthcare. We offer something quite unique though. We understand that many people feel incredibly anxious about the prospect of having a stranger in their home providing care, which is why we have the option for creating your very own team. You can send your own team our way, we will carry out an in-depth screening process on them and if they pass this, we will be happy to train them. We always ensure a high standard of care is provided, while understanding your need to deal with someone familiar to you.
If you’d like to choose your own team, you can contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you.

Paediatric Care FAQ's

What is the purpose of paediatric care at home?
Our paediatric care at home services allows children to receive the medical attention they need, while having their own comforts at their side. Our nurse-led paediatric care services will ensure that the right treatment is provided at the right time. Our carers will also offer support for parents, providing that essential respite care as and when it is required.
How do I get access to paediatric care?
You can contact us  and we will have an initial chat to determine your needs. We will then arrange an assessment, whereby we will visit your home to have a more in-depth chat and a thorough understanding of the needs of your child. Thereafter, if we are able to provide the services you need, we will devise a suitable care plan which will be completely tailored to suit your needs.
We only need paediatric overnight care, are you able to provide this?
Of course. Our services are completely tailored to your own needs. If overnight care is all that you require, we are happy to accommodate this.
What care and support plan will I receive?
There is no one size fits all for the care support plan. We tailor it to suit our clients by carrying out a thorough assessment. We know that everyone has different needs, and our priority is to ensure we devise a care plan that is suited for the paediatric needs you have.
How quickly can the paediatric care be arranged?
We offer our services around the clock, and we also provide emergency care for when you need the care services quickly. We are always on hand to assist with your care needs. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help.
Will we receive the same carer?
As part of our care plan process, we believe that it is of the upmost importance to match our clients with the most suitable carers. This includes matching with values, and interests. Of course, that is more difficult with children, but we will do our best to match the carer with the core values of the family. We will ensure you receive the same carers, or team of carers, depending on how often you will require the services. Continuity of service is paramount in the care services we deliver.
What if I need to change my care arrangements?
Don’t worry if you need to change your care arrangements at any point. We have carers available round the clock to suit your changing needs. We understand that your needs may change, even at the last minute and we are here to help.
How much does the paediatric care cost?
The cost will depend on the level of care you require. We will devise a tailored plan based on your needs and discuss the costs with you before you decide whether or not to go ahead.
Will you provide the paediatric care during bank holidays etc?
Yes. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing us to provide you with a care service whenever you need it. We have carers available to cover a range of shifts to suit holidays, including bank holidays etc.
How do I pay for the paediatric care?
If you are worried about being able to pay for your paediatric care, you can speak to us  and we will advise you on the funding and funding initiatives you may be able to use. You might be able to access healthcare funding, or social care funding. There are also Government initiatives available, such as the Disability Living Allowance. If these don’t apply, you may need to look at self-funding. We are experienced in dealing with clients in all different financial situations, get in touch and we will advise on what might suit your needs.
Case study paediatric care
Darren is 5 years’ old and has severe autism. He is unable to speak and needs a set routine at all times. His mother is single and has to deal with the care for Darren, which can be stressful and exhausting at times, as he needs her attention 24/7 and can do very little for himself. His mother, Audrey, called us and asked if we had ever dealt with a child with autism, and would we be able to offer some Homecare support, so that she can get some much-needed respite at times when she needs a break. We arranged to visit her and meet Darren. After an assessment, we determined that our carers would be more than capable to deal with his needs and provide respite care for Audre. Darren is a big fan of comics, so we teamed him up with a carer who loves everything ‘Marvel’, so they had a common interest. Darren absolutely loves his carer and gets excited whenever he comes round to care for him. This is much to Audrey’s delight, as it saves her from feeling guilty and she has peace of mind that Darren is in safe and trusted hands.