Overnight Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Overnight Care

We provide overnight care by trained and experienced carers to suit your needs
We know that night-time can be one of the most challenged times for someone suffering from any condition. You can’t expect families to cover this time as they need their own rest, and it’s often the time that can feel most lonely for individuals with a serious condition. In many cases, people feel scared, especially if they have a condition that affects their mobility. There is the worry of falling and causing serious harm and having no one there to help. As part of the services at Harmony Healthcare, we provide carers to cover overnight care. With overnight care, it means there is always a carer on hand to offer both emotional and physical support, when you need it most. It is also important as it allows you to maintain a routine in the comfort of your own home, avoiding the need to go into hospital or another care setting, which can be daunting and scary.
Why you might need overnight care
Helping you live better and more independently with overnight care services. There are many reasons why you might need overnight care. It can help you to feel more relaxed about nighttime and release a lot of worry and anxiety. These are just some of the reasons why you might want to choose overnight care:
  • Ensuring that the right medication is administered, at the right time during the
    night, if required.
  • Helping support toilet breaks, which is particularly important for those clients
    with mobility issues.
  • Support for changing position in bed, which is important to reduce the
    likelihood of bed sores.
  • Nurse-led complex care 
  • Ensuring adequate sleep which helps to improve overall health
  • Support for families, allowing them the comfort of knowing their loved one is
    taken care of
  • Allowing you to stay at home, rather than going into another care setting, such
    as the hospital.
Overnight care options
Providing a flexible approach to overnight care to suit your needs. Our clients tend to have different needs when it comes to overnight care
Sleeping Night Cae

Our sleeping night care service is for those that tend to be able to sleep during the night, but that might have short disturbances, or may need help getting to and from the toilet. The carer would go to sleep as you would, but you would be able to disturb whenever you require any help. Our carers are experienced and trained in providing sleeping night care, so they are used to being woke up to offer help and support. After all, this is what they are there for, so you needn’t feel worried about annoying them!

Waking night care

Waking night care is for those that spend a lot of time awake during the night or may need medication and personal care throughout the night. The services the carer may offer for waking night care, includes administering medication, assistance with mobility, and generally just acting as support. If, for instance, you feel stressed and worried during the night, the carer will always be on hand to offer a shoulder to cry on, or just to have a chat.

Benefits of Overnight care at Home

There are two main options when it comes to receiving overnight care. There is the option to receive the care in the comfort of your own home, or to move into a care home, where they will be able to facilitate your needs. However, there are many benefits to choosing the Homecare services at Harmony Healthcare, rather than moving into a nursing home.

Case study for Overnight Care

Margaret lives on her own and loves her home comforts. She is suffering from mobility issues, and although she is able to get around her home with the aid of a walking stick, she gets nervous during the night. She worries about being in the dark and as she doesn’t sleep well, the thought of having to get her up just adds to her sleep troubles. She can also feel at her loneliness during the night, as there’s nothing on the television, and she wouldn’t want to wake her neighbors anyway. Margaret’s family are very good at visiting but as they all work full time, providing overnight support to her is just not feasible.

Margaret’s daughter received a recommendation about us from a friend and gave us a call to discuss her mother and the potential for overnight care. We visited Margaret and after our discussion, decided that waking overnight care would be the best option for her. We assigned her with a carer who is very much like her and enjoys a game of dominoes just as much! The carer stays overnight 5 days a week, with family members taking over during the weekend, both at their homes or at Margaret’s. This means she is full covered throughout the entire week for her overnight care.
Margaret is able to sleep better as she has the comfort of knowing her carer is there, and when she can’t, she loves nothing more than a game of dominoes or bingo, or just a good chat. They sometimes sit and watch old movies (quietly), and the carer has even been invited to some family events, such is the strong relationship they have developed!