Bariatric Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022


No matter what level of care you require, we want to be able to provide this for you
Bariatric care is medical help that deals with extreme obesity. People who suffer from obesity are more likely to develop other diseases, including diabetes, cancers and heart problems. It is one of the most common cancers in the UK, after smoking. There are many reasons why someone will become obese, including poor lifestyle choices and mental health.
Bariatric surgery describes weight-loss surgeries which might be vital, if someone is obese and can’t lose the weight on their own through diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery is used to help avoid weight related problems that could be serious, and even fatal for some people. It can be highly beneficial, but it will also come with its risks. Anyone undertaking bariatric surgery should also make changes to their diet and exercise routine at the same time. They should also receive care which they recover from the surgery.
Bariatric (weight loss surgery) is for those struggling with weight loss. Obesity can lead to a range of health issues, including diabetes and high blood pressure, and in some cases, surgery is the only option. Typical types of bariatric, include gastric band and gastric bypass. There are potential issues with this type of severe surgery, and as such, it is important that healthcare is monitored by trained professionals. These include blood clots, vitamin deficiency and gallstones. It is important to use Homecare services to help ensure you return to full health after this surgery, but there are some ways you can improve your ability to live independently. These include, adjusting your home to suit your needs, if relevant, having a support system in place and care services when you need them. Taking care of your general health and wellbeing is also important for independent living.

No matter what level of care you require, we want to be able to provide this for you. We are passionate about providing complex care to our clients and ensuring their family members are also taken care of. Our highly experienced staff receive training on different conditions and the effect they can have. You can be sure that if you use our services, you will be in safe hands, with someone who is dedicated, reliable and will do everything and anything to ensure you – or your loved one, receives the highest possible level of care they need, and deserve, without compromising their independence, or their dignity. If you would like to find out more about the Homecare solutions we provide, contact us today for an initial chat to discuss your needs, and we will arrange an assessment to devise a tailored plan to suit you.

Our bariatric care services for our clients
Our carers receive the highest form of nurse-led clinical training to ensure they can provide a quality care service to our clients receiving bariatric care. Working alongside other local authorities, they deliver a service in the comfort of the individual’s home, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. They will also provide support and advice to families dealing with cancer, helping to comfort them where required. Some of the services our carers provide at Harmony Healthcare, include
Administering medication

Our carers can administer the medication you need in the comfort of your home. They will ensure you receive the right level of medication at the right time to help ensure your optimum health and wellbeing.

Medical support

Our carers are able to provide some medical support as required, such as catheter care.

Personal care

In some cases, personal care may be required. The carers will ensure they provide this in a caring, sensitive and empathetic way.

Mobility support

If you need help around the house with your mobility, our carers can offer this too, ensuring you stay safe at all times.


If you require some help with your shopping, or you need someone to do this for you, our carers can also provide this, including collecting your prescriptions and shopping.

General Housekeeping

Our carers will also prepare meals and carry out regular housekeeping around the home, including dishes, preparing meals and laundry.

Emotional Support

Dealing with cancer can be distressing, and you may feel that you have no one to talk to or to turn to for support. Sometimes it is better to speak to someone who is impartial, and our carers are happy to offer that emotional support you need too.

Case study : Bariatric care
Gillian weighed 30 stone and was unable to move from her bed. She ended up getting infections due to being bed bound, and needed help with personal care. Her mobility was also severely affected as a result of her obesity. She was unable to do the activities she once enjoyed and ended up with depression as a result. She called us up and we carried out an assessment to determine her needs. As a result, a group of carers was established, and each had a role to play in supporting Gillian. This including cleaning and dressing her, providing healthy nutritious meals and ensuring she didn’t end up with infections. With the care and support, Gillian has managed to reduce her weight, she is no longer bed bound and she is overall happier and healthier.