Short Term Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

Short Term Care

Providing our care services straight to your home, for however long you need them
At Harmony Healthcare, we are happy to cater to your short-term care needs, which is when you require the care services on a short term basis. This might include short term care to support your recover after an injury or surgery, or when your condition is particularly bad. In some cases, the short-term care is for the support of a loved one who might be supporting your care, and they may need a break or may be going on holiday and you need someone to step in and cover it. You do not need to receive your short-term care in a residential care home or the hospital, as you might have expected. You can receive short term care in the comfort of your home, in a familiar setting which allows you to continue with your daily routine, as normal. With the short term care we provide, it will be delivered by professional, trained carers, with support from nurses, as required for complex care. Our aim with the short term care we provide is to give you the support you need, while ensuring you retain as much independence as possible.
Is short term care the same as respite care?
Short term care is different to respite care, as with short term care, you would receive the care for a specific period of time for the purpose of dealing with a health concern, or for a period of recovery after an operation. Respite care, on the other hand, is a short term but flexible arrangement which allows a family member to take a break from their care duties. This gives them time to go on holiday or generally just get some rest and reprieve from their care responsibilities. In some cases, respite care is used as a temporary measure, before potentially moving into a more permanent arrangement.
Benefits of our short-term care plans
If you need support on a short-term basis after an operation or during a particularly challenging time during your condition, we can provide a short term care plan to suit your needs. These are some of the main benefits of our tailored, short-term care plans.
Tailored care plan

We will ensure you receive a tailored care plan, based on your individual needs, and your condition. You will also be teamed up with a carer that is most suited to your needs, including the activities you enjoy, common interests and backgrounds. If you are unhappy with the carer for any reason, we will assign you with another carer who is more suited to your needs.

Experienced team

Our care team are experienced and receive clinical training to ensure they are able to support our clients with any conditions. We ensure our carers know how to deal with the challenges of a variety of conditions, and they will always deal with our clients in an empathetic, supportive manner. Our mission is to ensure you receive short term care that makes you feel as comfortable and independent as possible

Improve Recovery Time

When you are recovering from an operation or experiencing a challenging time during your condition, Homecare support can help improve your recovery time. With the help and support of a trained carer who can take care of your every needs, your recovery time will be bound to improve.

Nationwide Coverage

We can provide nationwide coverage, which means that we are able to provide a dedicated carer to you, no matter what location you are in throughout the UK. Our carers manage their own portfolio of clients, providing a tailored service to each client, in the comfort of their own home.

Achieve Better Health Outcomes

With the short term care service we offer, we can help you to achieve better health outcomes. For instance, our carers will help improve your wellbeing, independence and your general happiness, ensuring you are still enjoying the activities you always have before. Our carers can also take care of your nutrition and hydration, by making sure you have healthy meals and drinks whenever you need them. Our carers are experienced in nutrition and will make sure your health is at the optimum level at all times. With the help of a carer, there is also less likelihood that you will have a serious accident in your home, which may result in a serious injury and put your recovery back weeks or even months

What you expect from our short term care services
Our commitment to you. We care about our clients, and we aim to provide short term care services to suit your needs, no matter what they may be. Our carers are passionate about helping support you with your short term care needs, whether for a period of recover or for any other reason, which is why we are focused on offering a flexible approach with the short term care services we offer. Our mission is to help ensure our clients live a better, safer and more fulfilling life while retaining as much independence as possible. We know that by providing short term care in the comfort of your own home you will not only feel more comfortable, but it will also often help with your recovery. If you decide to use Harmony Healthcare for your short term Homecare needs, this is what you can expect.
Our nurse-led care is fully regulated, so that you and your family have the reassurance you need, whenever you need it. Carers receive clinical training and are supported by clinical experts. We also tailor our nurse-led care to suit our clients and our services are available around the clock – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you choose us, you can expect a trusted, reliable service.
  • Short term nursing and complex care services in the comfort of your own home.
  • A comprehensive rehabilitation service, that is designed to suit your short term care requirements.
  • Tailored short term care to suit your needs, whether that be relationships, individual goals etc. We work with each individual to ensure they are getting the type of short term care they need at all times.
  • We want to empower our clients to live their best possible life, and to retain as much independence as possible. Our care plans will always be designed, with your independence in mind.
  • Our priority is to ensure that while you receive our short term care, you are able to live an enjoyable, independent life. We will always treat you with the upmost care and respect.
  • We work with care teams and commissioners to ensure the care we provide is consistent. Our care services are always flexible and person-centred, to achieve the best possible results for our clients.
  • Our services are offered to clients throughout the country. We work with private and public organisations to be able to provide this level of short-term care.
Case study short term care
James is recovering from a spinal injury, after a car accident, and he called upon our services to provide short term care, while he is in recovery.
We provided James with a carer to help him with his day to day activities, including personal care and emotional support.
James was able to fully recover, with the peace of mind that he always had us on hand, if he ever needed the services again.