The Benefits of Palliative/ End of Life Care Harmony Healthcare January 29, 2022

The Benefits of Palliative/ End of Life Care

Palliative care is designed to improve the quality of your life for people who are dealing with a life-threatening condition.

Many people think about palliative care as something that is offered to those who are in need of pain management relief, just before they pass away, but it goes much deeper than this. There is bound to be some apprehension at the thought of palliative care, the mere pension of it can often send shivers down the spine! However, it can offer a lot of benefits, not just to the person suffering from the condition, but also for those around them – their family and friends. If you are considering palliative care ,  you may gain some peace of mind by considering all the benefits it can offer. These are some of the advantages you can find with palliative care.


Palliative care is completely centred on the patient, and therefore, it takes their considerations into account, including their hopes, goals and most importantly, allows them to make their own decisions. It is important that someone suffering from a serious condition is able to make their own decisions, especially as their illness progresses. It can sometimes be difficult for families to really think about the person behind the illness, and not take their own feelings into account, when determining what to do. For instance, they may feel apprehensive that their family member is taken out when they are in pain, and with the right palliative care, the pain can be administered and the carer, with their expertise, knows exactly what to do if the pain is an issue when outdoors.

Support for Family

It is extremely difficult to see a loved one suffering, and often family members feel a bit abandoned, especially if there is only one or two of them. Our palliative care services take the needs of family members into account too, and also provides ongoing support at every stage. The family members our carers work with start to view the carers as more of an extended family member, rather than just someone looking after their loved one.

Better Quality of Life

It is vital to us that all of our patients live as fulfilling and active a life as possible, no matter what stage they are at. In some cases, an active life might only involve going for short walks, but we believe this is important to keep ensuring they enjoy their lives, for as long as possible. The last thing we want is for any of our patients to feel that they are being left in their home, and abandoned, we want them to know that we value them, and that their happiness and comfort is paramount.

Understand Treatment Plans

One of the benefits of palliative care is administering pain relief, and also helping patients, and their families to understand the treatment plans they are being offered. This includes what they can expect from the treatment plans, and any potential side effects. It is important to us that we communicate with our patients, and their families on an ongoing basis, and that we make them feel as comfortable as possible about the treatment plans, we are providing.

Improves Mental Wellbeing

Palliative care is not just about the physical wellbeing, it is also about spirituality and ensuring the patient is comfortable and at ease with what may lie ahead. Without being morbid, it is important that, if someone is dealing with a terminal illness, that they don’t give up hope, but that they also are not afraid of death at the same time. With our palliative care services, we focus on the body, mind and spirit, to ensure that the mental health of our patients is good, regardless of any potential outcome.

Reduce Hospital Visits

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend time in hospital, it does nothing for mental wellbeing. With our palliative care services, we are able to administer pain relief, which enables us to offer everything you would receive in hospital, but in the comfort of your own home. Reducing unnecessary hospital visits is one of our priorities. If you would like to find out more about the palliative care {link to palliative care} services we offer, you can contact us at any time, and we will be happy to discuss the options, and devise a suitable treatment plan.